As thoughts rattle around my mind
Seeking order
Seeking process


My feet plod along endlessly
Pointlessly ambling
No destination
Not lost…just directionless

All the visions
All the information
All the dreams
All the thoughts
Veiled forms
Shadowed faces
Screaming all at once
Making no sense

A single shaft of dirty light
Falls upon a soul
To the floor chained
Just wanting the noise to stop

Yet from the shadows
The chaotic cacophony continues
Growing ever louder
Growing ever more intense

Yet the soul
Can do nothing
But hear
As sanity slowly slips away
And this soul loses his way
Thus becoming someone
He does not want to be
Wishes not to become
Yet strength is failing
Resistance is waning

The drippings from the fangs
Of those screaming
Of those shouting
Of those daring him to resist
Slather him relentlessly
With their acidic burn

His mind on the verge of fracture
Seeks refuge and solace
Within its own confines
Within its own fortress
With walls crumbling

Wandering soul is not lost
Just seeking solace and rest
Always just out of reach

Like a drowning man
Who can almost break the surface
To gulp a gasp of air
That is no longer there

And sanity slowly slips away
One drop at a time


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