Is Your Life A Tale Worth Telling?

We have all read the tales which begin “Once upon a time…” quite frankly because once upon a time is the only way a tale can be lived, but, be that as it may, that phrase (and no small amount of coffee) sparked my brain into a whirling world of ponderings.

I used to keep a journal (yes, the pen, ink and paper kind), but for reasons I have long forgotten, that habit has stopped.  I began to look back on my 50+ years on this earth and, while there were mere moments hither and yon that were worth writing down, my life has been rather dull, boring and completely predictable.  I have accepted that I am, by nature, a creature of routine and events that disrupt that routine are exceedingly disturbing.  Yet, there have been segments of my life I found exciting enough to write down somewhere, though I have not been able to find those tomes in a very long time.

The more I pondered my life, I began to realize that life is lived in the moments of each breath. Thus each breath ought to be leading us somewhere worth remembering.  One of my biggest fears is to grow old and realize that I have no tale worth telling because I have lived a life not worth remembering.

One of my favorite books is “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkein, perhaps you are aware of it, where Bilbo has many events worth writing down as he lives through quite an adventurous segment of his life.  I have had moments which I found to be fun and exciting, as well as some which I found fearful yet exhilarating.  I hope, one day, to have the peace and quiet, as well as the paper, ink and pen (and perchance enough coffee) to write my adventures both good and bad, if for no other reason than to have some sort of record of the dash between my birthdate and expired date.

Yet, as I pondered this about my life, I have to inquire of you, Gentle Reader, as to your own tale.  Will it be one of adventures worth remembering or will it read, as mine has far too often, “woke up, got out of bed, went to work, came home, ate dinner, went to bed” with the occasional “hot shower” and “dinner was quite tasty this night” added to the monotonous?

We have imaginations which allow us to dream!  It is not just in dreams that we can truly live!  Each breath is an opportunity to truly live, regardless of our circumstances!  I urge and challenge you, as I do myself, to live your life so that you will have adventures well worth pen, paper, and ink.  Share those adventures!  Tell your tales.  Make sure your children, and perhaps grandchildren, know that your life was not just a boring daily routine until the rut became your grave!

Leave not this world having merely existed!  Leave this world having LIVED!


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