Life As A Masquerade?


It’s amazing to me really, how we like to spend our lives hiding behind masks as if we living in a masquerade ball.  We hide who we truly are.  We hide what we truly feel. We say things we truly don’t mean. And we wonder why we are so unhappy.

Perchance our masks will eventually slip and reveal some truth we’ve been hiding for so long.  And suddenly we are faced with the choice to either fight twice as hard to return the mask so that reveal never happens again, or we decide that the facade is just not worth all the stress.  When the mask is removed, we become vulnerable.  Our true selves are brought into the light and we must admit that we are not perfect.

We are taught, from a very early age, that we are to hide behind our masks.  Even most of our superheros hide behind masks.  

I can remember a friend of mine who would never let ANYONE see her without her cosmetic mask.  She would shower after everyone had gone to bed and then would get up well before anyone else to apply her makeup so no one would see.  She never went swimming.  She never went anywhere where perspiration might be a possibility.  In short, she lived a very limited and very restricted life.

When you hide, we deny others the joy of getting to know the true you.  Why do we want to live a life pretending?  

Life should be a ball, not a masquerade! 


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