Drink Thee Deeply From Life’s Fountain

Drink Thee Deeply From Life

High hopes,
Shattered Dreams

My life has been filled with high expectations and lofty aspirations.

I have met some aesthetically pleasing people, who were so wrapped up in themselves that they hearts oozed and seeped indescribable ugliness.

I have met people who glowed radiantly with encouragement, caring, and so much beauty that glad I am to live long enough to have met them.

Life is but a fleeting breath;
A mere drop in the stream of time;
A single grain in the sands of history.

A life unlived is a life wasted.
All the dreams undreamed;
All the potential unrealized;
All the love unshared;
All the time merely an existence.

No life should go unlived, for our time here is far too valuable to waste.
My mission, my goal, whilst my soul dost still the Earth inhabit, is to make a difference somehow. A positive stroke to mark my time here.

When I shed this mortal coil, my hope is that a single tear be shed to mark my passing, and many hearts be stirred into life for my having lived.

Life should be lived;
Lived in such a way as to leave this Earth better than when we arrived.

My hope for you;
My charge to you;
My dream for you;
My prayer for you:
Drink Thee Deeply From the Fount of Life!
Let it course through thine inner being
And rouse you from your slumberous existence
Into living as though you have but this single chance
A difference to make.

Be not consumed with vanity which dost tempt us to be merely an empty façade, pleasing unto the eye, yet vacant and devoid of life.

Be consumed with the radiance which dost overflow from the heart to make a positive contribution.

Drink Thee Deeply From The Fount of Life!  Settle for nothing less!

Life…it ain’t about you!


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