How Measure You?


How measure you life?

How measure you time?

Blink by blink;

Breath by breath;

Gasp by gasp;

Heartbeat by heartbeat?

Some measure life and time by the plaques and awards they acquire.  Mere moments in time.

Some measure life and time by the places they have been and the things they’ve seen. Mere moments in life.

Some seek to immortalize their time and life with monuments, signs, and statues.  Yet, it does not take long for most to be forgotten.  Mere perches for pigeons, and collector’s of dust.

Douglas Adams wrote: “Time is just an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

Some measure their lives by the meals and beverages they’ve consumed.  Both of which are merely rented moments, for they shall both pass.

Time never stays. It is always moving.  Sometimes quickly and sometimes painfully slowly, but it is always moving forward!

At some point, our part of this stream of time will end, and time will move along undeterred.

Time is not for us to capture. Life is not for us to save, but to savor and share. 

Brief our time here. Briefer still the memory of us once we depart.

Life is a coin to be spent, for it cannot be saved. Spend it on making tales worth retelling again and again!


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