Feeling the Thunder



Here I sit in this hotel room.  Storm is brewing.  I can feel the electricity in the air. I hear the rumbling of the thunder. The steady shush of the rain that falls in sheets as if the world were being flooded.

The scent of stale cigarettes fills the air of this enclosed room. Sirens wail as the ambulance rushes by taking some poor soul to the hospital.  The “woop woop” of the police cars bustling through traffic that refuses to move, because people seem to no longer have respect for those in trouble or for those seeking to help. 

What has happened to us?  Have we forgotten what it is like to be human?  Have we lost the ability to care?  Have we become SO self absorbed that no one matters but us?  Are we really that selfish?

Highly paid athletes have no qualms about collecting a paycheck in the currency of the country they so despise, yet will not hesitate to disrespect the very country that gives them their enormous stipend.  Politicians who claim to represent the “under class” charge huge fees for giving a speech they didn’t write and garner wealth upon wealth while telling the masses how they “work for the people to help the people have equality.”  “Equality”…such a convenient word when one does not have to give up anything.  I have yet to hear of any such people giving away their wealth in order to truly back up their words.  Why is that? 

Could it be that all their bluster and posturing are lies?

Consider this, when our heart stops, we die.  Death is the great equalizer.  No matter how much you have accumulated in your lifetime; the pauper returns to the dust just as the wealthy; and we take nothing with us. 

What is wealth?  True wealth comes from investments!  Investment in others.  True wealth comes from helping others who cannot (not those who refuse to) help themselves. Yet so many will sell their very souls in order to gain that which they cannot take with them.  Everywhere you turn, people want you to give to them, their cause, purchase their product or idea or pay them enormous sums to entertain us.  And we seem to, without a second thought, throw our limited resources at them.

Was there a time when we actually helped each other? 

Weary I am of this time when life has no value.  Weary I am of this life where living is all about getting more and more from those who have less and less.  And weary am I of the growing population who simply refuse to do anything except expect to be taken care of by others. 

Imagine a world where we all strive to make a positive distance!  Imagine a world where we all worked together to leave this a better place than we entered it.  Alas, such dreams are merely that, a dream. 


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