And Then….


There’s no sound like the sound of rain against the window pane.
No smell like the freshly cleansed air after a storm.
But storms rage and chaos ensues.

Trees whip and lash against the gusts and gales;
flailing like sports fans cheering for their team.
And then the gentle music after the storm,

The ghastly silence….

Then the birds begin their songs,
The bugs add the descant,
And the gentle breeze casts all into a sweet, sweet song of peace.
Scarce can my soul contain
The joy of earth reborn after the symphony.
And then… the peace which overtakes my spirit brings slumber deep and sweet.
All against the background cacophony of traffic
Of sirens…
Of loud neighbors talking in tongues foreign to my ears.
Silence, sweet silence!
Oh the desire of my soul!


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