Who Looks Back At Me?

Face in the mirror

Step out of the shower and gaze into the mirror.  What see you?  Beauty?  Desirability? 

Stare closely at the face which dost return thine gaze, and what see you?  Do you see the sagging corners of the mouth brought on by the stresses and strains of living?  Do you see the “crow’s feet” which display the laughter of a life enjoyed, or perhaps the squinting of concentration or perhaps brought on by the intensity of concentration?

What see you when you look in the mirror?  Some will see the hatred of those with whom we disagree!  We will take to social media and place post after post expressing our hatred of those who think differently; look differently; vote differently; and even those we simply dislike.  As if hatred is a gift we must give to the world.

How often are we quick to criticize?  Do we compliment as quickly, and as enthusiastically, as we criticize?  How often do you tell a restaurant server “You have made my night with your excellent service” and meant it?  Just as quickly as we scream for the manager to complain?  Yet when others complain about us, do they get an earful of what a completely ass the complainer is or do we take it as a hint on how to do our jobs better?

Weary am I of those who constantly complain!  Weary am I of those who cannot seem to be “happy” unless they are tearing others down!  It’s time to move on.

In order to make a positive difference in this world, one must start with one person.  By changing our perception of just one person, we can begin a chain reaction which can truly bring true change.

Seek the positive!  Compliment the positive, with just as much enthusiasm as you bitch about the negative (and as often).  We know not what another is enduring because we do not live their lives, yet we expect them to cater to us.

Let’s face it, no one OWES us anything they aren’t willing to give!  And, to be honest, if we aren’t willing to give anything positive, why would anyone want to provide us anything.


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