And then….


I find it intriguing and fascinating, as I observe the world around us, that each of us begins life the same.  We emerge, we cry, we calm once we are comforted, and thus our journey has begun.  Granted, we begin our journeys from widely varying circumstances, yet our journey is just that….ours!  We learn, whether we like it or not, what is permissible and acceptable, usually by trial and punishment.  And, thus, we toddle off to see where our journey will take us, or, more likely, where we will journey.

Each of us has our own tastes in music, cuisine, friends, clothing…each of us is unique, yet strangely similar.  What a powerful thought!  I was always jealous of those who could draw (and those who could sing or cook or work on engines or any talent really).  Yet I knew I was unique and somehow I had something to offer…some legacy to leave when I expire.

My Grampa, whom I adored, had to drop out of the second grade because his father abandoned his family.  Thus, at the ripe old age of 8, he had to begin working for a living.  His first job was to crawl up into the ash drop of the old steam engines when they pulled into the rail yard and scrape out all the coal ash from the firebox.   I will admit that, to me, his life began rather badly.  He had to eat red beans, and cornbread for most meals.  His mom took in boarders and fed anyone who came to her door looking for a meal.  Yet when I spoke to Grampa about what a hard life he had, his response was “What hard life?  I wouldn’t trade those lessons for anything!  There are some things them schoolbooks don’t teach you.”

The more I thought about his words within the context of my observations of the world I now journey through, I realized how true his words!

  • While we cannot always control our experiences, we can learn from them.
  • While we cannot always control what happens to us, we can control what we do with that.
  • While we cannot always control what others do to us, we can control our reaction to them.
  • When we realize that we are caught in a rut of routine, we have the option to break free!

There will always be those who think you can do nothing worthwhile.  To those people, I smile knowingly and remember the quote of Alan Turing: “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.

Every single day is another page in the diary of our lives.  Many days will have entries such as, “Dear Gentle Reader, please read yesterday’s entry for today was much the same.”  But each day’s entry has one thing that is ALWAYS in common…it is we who wield the pen!

Thus, make your life count!  Make your life worth retelling over and over!  Only you can do that!  And then…your pen begins to write the story of your life!


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