As I sit here gazing mutely at this blank page…so many thoughts pinging about my mind seeking voice, yet none seem to have the oomph to stand out enough to be penned.  That is, until I saw this image.  I am amazed!  And I am amazed that I am amazed that this thought had not pushed its way to the forefront before now.

I am, by nature, an extreme introvert.  Crowds have always made me uncomfortable.  I am that person who is pressed against the wall, desperately looking for a way to get out so that I may breathe.  Some might call it a phobia of sorts, but it’s simply that I am such an introvert that avoiding people is my first defense.

Having said that, understand that I do actually have friends.  They are few and they are true.  A few years back, we decided, on a lark, to just hike a highway not well traveled.  Thus, we packed and off we went.  Okay, we took a van with provisions with us, because we aren’t idiots, we just took turns driving it.

As we walked, with no particular destination in mind, we spent most of the time in quiet contemplation.  And it was WONDERFUL!  In the evenings, we would talk about deep subjects such as: What was the first person to eat lobster thinking?  “MMMM…..that’s one butt-ugly critter so I must eat it!  Oh…..this tastes horrible…..perhaps if we boil it.  Okay, still rather crunchy, but the meaty bits are pretty tasty.  But you know what would make this meat even tastier…..BUTTER!  And you know what would make all this taste even better?  Distilled Alcohol!!!”

We talked about the reason why someone in Ancient Rome would consciously decide to rub pigeon poop on their eyelids because it looked so pretty.  This from the same people who decided that everyone should be pretty much hairless from the shoulders down.  While I admire their desire to be smooth, I simply had to question their apparent intense bloodlust.

There is much about our world and its history that leave me amazed.  Most of all, I am amazed that I have been allowed the opportunity to enjoy it.


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