There was a time when I took life VERY seriously.  I had a plan and the plan was all important.  I planned to do well in school, go to college where I would earn my degree with the highest honors, then I would land the perfect job with an awesome salary/benefits package, having achieved the perfect job I would seek out the perfect spouse and die at the ripe old age of 25.  Granted, I was in first grade at the time, and the plan became a proverbial fart in a hurricane when my grades didn’t match my plan’s requirement.

Think about how seriously we take ourselves.  I had an acquaintance in High School who was so particular about his (yes, his) hair that the day it got messed up by a sudden rain, he ran to the lavatory weeping at the demise of his coiffure. Then there were the Femme d’Plastique who wore so much make-up that they looked (and acted) like mannequins.

We see people daily who take themselves so seriously you can hear their puckered sphincters break the suction to their chairs when they stand for any reason.  The do not laugh, other than the odd facetious chuckle.  They are so focused on appearance, reputation as a serious professional, having the right automobile, living in the right neighborhood, being seen in the right places (with the right people), and on and on the phoniness continues.

At what point do we loosen up and enjoy life?  At what point do we decide to have some fun and laugh until we donkey-honk?  At what point do we stop being so uptight that we can fart without sounding like air-brakes on a train?  When do we loosen up enough to actually be human?

Please don’t get me wrong, I still have a plan, but it’s a different plan than before.  Undoubtedly you have heard “You only live once” which leads me to wonder if you merely exist every other day. Well, I have a different perspective on that.  You see, if we plan it right, we will live every day and only die once.  There are far too many existers puttering about the streets with their loads of stress and bottles of antacids.  When did we get so puckered?  We need more people who are not afraid to laugh, who are not afraid to help, who are not afraid to be human!

Should we take life seriously?  Absolutely. But we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously that we forget to live!



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