Small Things


‘Tis truly the small things in life that bring us the most joy…..or royally piss us off.

As I sat in my cubbie at work, diligently puttering on the computer getting my reports ready for the meeting in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised when a co-worker brought me coffee and a bagel.  I smiled, thanked them and inquired what was the occasion.  My co-worker smiled kindly and told me that it was because I was such a nice Cube-Mate (we have to share a cube).  I was quite pleased and enjoyed the treat greatly.

My enjoyment lasted until my wonderful cube-mate decided to start clicking the pen repeatedly.  Not with any discernible rhythm, mind you, more like free-form jazz (which makes absolutely NO sense to me).  The clicking stopped when the boss stopped by to say “Good Morning” to us, because the boss is good like that.  But the respite was short-lived, for the moment the boss had moved beyond range, the clicking began with a vengeance of a machine gun.

Thus, I had two choices: I could either imagine 10,000 methods of tormenting my cube-mate all ending in his ultimate demise and removal from this Earth; OR I could inquire as to his well being and offer to be of any assistance possible, which would not consist of me doing his reports for him, as his record keeping is quite atrocious and extremely hodge podge.  After much grinding of teeth, and having reached destruction scenario 500 with amazing speed, I opted to make inquiry as to his well-being.

As I guessed, he was sweating tomorrow’s meeting because his reports would not be ready because (insert every imaginable excuse here: cat pooped on his laptop, the shredder ate his records, the car is having an affair with the sofa….)none of the reasons were remotely plausible.  I quietly inquired whether his incessant pen clicking was going to restore lost documentation or help the dish run away with the spoon some other day, or would it prove to be helpful in some way.  He abruptly stopped clicking, looked me right in the face and said, “Why are YOU so uptight?  I brought you coffee and a bagel.”

I admit, I enjoy the small things in life, like finding enough change in my pocket to splurge on a nice craft beer (or a few) after work.  I enjoy the scent of flowers in bloom.  I enjoy the warmth of my dog snuggling up to watch television with me each evening.

Then there’s the flipside of that equation.  I dislike shrieking children when I am trying to read quietly in the coffee shop.  I dislike the smell of someone’s salmon dinner they brought the leftovers for lunch (and INSIST on eating at their desk).

The small things in life….I am not a fan of flies, but I do enjoy watching them disappear into the gaping maw of the Venus Fly Trap.  I dislike mosquitoes and gnats but am fond of watching them attempt entry into my screened patio.

The small things in life…….I suppose it can go either way.


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