Where Did It Go?


Where did it go?

When did it leave? 

It was there one day and then *poof* it was gone!

The seemingly endless hours of riding bikes into the woods.

The multiple forts, pirate ships, and clubhouses we build there.

The giant tree house Dad helped us build where we could see the whole neighborhood.

Life seemed to be simpler then.


Trading glass pop bottles for candy at the corner store.

Playing stickball in the street,

and then having to move when the occasional car drove by.

Floating down the river in our Inner Tubes,

Not in a hurry, just enjoying the time together on the river.

Sleeping with our windows open without fear

We welcomed the low rumble and the HISSS of the truck that came around each night spraying for mosquitoes.

Everything stopped when the ice cream truck came down our street.

Then things began to change.

Never will I forget the first time I had a taste of moonshine, I had a chest cold, and my Grampa mixed his moonshine with three spoonfuls of sugar and told me to drink it.  Next morning, I had sweated the cold away, and realized that I liked his moonshine very much.

Never will I forget the first time I saw a bare boob and liked what I saw.  My best friend’s older sister was sunbathing when we got to their pool.  He jumped in, cold water splashed, she stood up cussing him for all she was worth, and I stood there mesmerized by the sight of her without her top.

We used to go to the beach for the purpose of enjoying the beach.  Our vacations were for us to relax and rest and recharge.  I would wander off looking for shark’s teeth, and always came back.  My parents weren’t worried about anyone taking me (or perhaps they were hoping someone would take me).

I remember being convinced by one of my friends that an umbrella would act like a parachute if I jumped off the roof.  I discovered it would do just that…if you weighed less than a moth!  Three days in the hospital and lesson learned.

I learned that I would never be tall enough to play basketball, even though I always beat my friends because I had a wicked hook shot.

Figured out that I would never play football, because I was the smallest guy in my class.

Where did the time go?  When did I have to become a grown up?  Why?

Ah well, growing older is inevitable.

Growing up is optional!



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