Socially Awkward Introvert


I am one of those people who likes to sit quietly and I am perfectly at ease with that.  However, I understand that there are those who find silence to be awkward and have this irrepressible urge to fill every moment with sound and every silence filled with chatter.

I have noticed something, in my little Socially Awkward Introvert world, people who cannot stand silence don’t understand that Introverts become mentally drained, irritated, and feel grouchy when our need to THINK and CONCENTRATE is continually being interrupted by the Constant Talkers.

Please understand, in my professional position, I talk with people every day and even teach classes.  However, once that is done, I seek solace of silence and quiet.  I like to let my mind think and ponder deep thoughts such as: “Why are medications given long italicized names and then some other bold face name, neither of which are easy to remember?” Or “Why do people enjoy swimming in water in which fish and, most likely, people have relieved themselves?”  Or “Why doesn’t anyone care if Jimmy cracks corn?”  And one of my deeper thoughts: “If a mosquito bites a vampire, what happens to the mosquito?”

Seriously though, Introverts are not idiots; we’re not stupid; we’re not anti-social; we don’t hate being around people (although I do tend to stay around the edges of a crowd); we simply like being quiet and thinking.  I am actually part of a coffee group that meets twice a week and we can sit quietly for two or three hours without a word being spoken.  We do, on occasion, talk and discuss, but we respect the Introvert’s need to be quiet.

Does that make me weird?  Probably.  Does that make me rude? No, unless you perceive my being quiet as rude.  My answers are usually 5 words or less.



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