While still in my wandering mind mode, from earlier, I walked dazedly into the lobby of my office building and got in cue for the elevator.  Everyone was jostling and chatting and when the doors opened, they all whooshed in like a giant suction device had been attached to the back wall.  The very moment the doors closed, however, all talking ceased.  Not a cough, not a sniff, not a shuffle.

So I began to mull this situation.  Turning it over and over in my mind.  And before long I began to sing “Soft Kitty” from The Big Bang Theory.  After two times through that, we had already stopped on two floor with twenty more to go, and only 6 people left and it was quite the awkward silence.

Not to let this opportunity pass without  making the most of if, I started off with “It’s just a jump to the left….” and looked at my fellow captives expectantly.  With a sly grin, chap number two stepped up with “With a step to the riiiiiiiight……”. This was followed by a lovely young red-head finally catching the gist of the activity took up the song with “Put you hands on your hips, and bring your knees in tight.”

By the time we had reached the next stop, we were in full “Time Warp” mode!

Who says elevator rides can’t be fun?


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