Just Wondering A Bit


As I was having a coffee this morning, my mind began to wander a bit.  Lack of sleep and waiting for the coffee to kick in tend to loosen the leash on my mind, thus forming a bit of a rambling think.

Why do boxers fight in a ring?

Why do people run in the rain but will not run in the shower?

There are hypothetical questions, but do they have hypothetical answers?

Why do we treat people differently instead of just being nice to each other?

Why is it the pen clicking that annoys me helps the clicker to think?

Why are there no candies with quiet wrappers?

Why is it funny when someone else trips, but it’s embarrassing when we do it?

Who in the world was decided that sea cucumbers were edible?

Who gets to decide which words are “polite” when which are “rude”?

If we’re made up of most of the same bits and pieces, why don’t we all like the same things?

Why is that giant chunk missing from the road called a “pot hole”?

Why is it that when I actually have to write something, I can stare at a blank page without a clue what to write, but when I don’t have the opportunity to write things down all sorts of ideas flood my mind?


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