Things Got A Bit Hairy


Well, now that Hurricane Matthew has come upon us, drenched, flooded, created quite the chaos, and has now piffled onward to annoy others, we can attempt to return our lives to some form of normal.

I will admit, most of the damage to my dwelling was rather superficial, except for the tree which has taken up lodging in my den.  I’m guessing it rather wanted to watch the tube to see what the weather was doing or hoping to see a relative waving madly in the wind.

All in all, though, we are safe.  With a bit of patching and many long hold times waiting for someone at the insurance company to actually pick up, We’ve managed to get most of the debris cleared into workable piles.  We’ve also managed, with the assistance of some wonderful neighbors, to evict the tree from the den and repaired the window through which he inserted himself.

Believe it or not, my sister did not, in fact, burst into flames when the sunlight touched her skin.  However, she is now safely ensconced within her cocoon of her rooms and, with pen in hand, she is quietly writing as only she can.  I did manage to bring her some hot tea and a muffin. But her meds have been taken and she is doing a much better job taking care of herself now.  So call me proud of her!

Just a brief update.  Now that I am number 3 in the insurance phone que, I’ll sign off for now.


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