The Chorus of Chaos


Every time they come

when I am alone

When I just want to think,

and process

and just deal with myself.

The voices whisper

“You’re worthless!”

“You don’t matter!”

“It’s ALL your fault!”

“You were a mistake!”

“You are an abomination!”

“Who could stand to be around you?”

“Why would anyone want to even look at you?”

Day and night

they whisper,

they yell,

they scream,

they shriek,

I just want them to shut up!

I look in the mirror

The face that looks back is horrific!

Black rimmed, bloodshot eyes

Pale opaque skin

Dry cracked lips

No shape

No form

When I do go out

No one can tell my gender.


Someone would need love me

to figure out my gender.

I don’t like talking

And love is non-existent.

I know my brother cares about me

But true love is a just another lost dream.

I am a burden!

And the voices never let me forget it.


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