Evil lurks within its cloak
Shadowed deeds committed
No sounds are heard
No cries escape
Lest victim’s claims
Be called absurd.

Years and years
Abuse was done
All for his
Ignoble “fun”
At last his
Breathing here is done
And light on deeds can now be shone.

Hate I this one who touched me so,
Who took from me my dignity?
Hate I this one who stole
The gift of virtue pure?
Hate I this one who made life hell
For all those years?

No, I cannot hate.
I can pity
I can heal
I can share
But I can hate him not.

For I know I am not alone
More out there seek a light
More out there seek hope
I know I am not alone
In the hurt
In the humiliation
In the darkness

Darkness hides many deeds
Darkness hides many faces
Darkness hides many things
But darkness CANNOT hide the light!



One thought on “Darkness

  1. Love this! Just simply love it. Be the light the darkness fears…what a great line!! So full of power and strength! It’s a good reminder to me that when things are going badly, that I have to get a little stronger to fight back. Thank you…hugs

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