Stuck On The Edge Of Nowhere


I scribbled this on a napkin at the coffee shop the first week Logan rescued me from the Grunge:

“Stuck On The Edge Of Nowhere”

I feel like I have been cast out to the edge of nowhere! As if I have been abandoned to the land of the forgotten to live the rest of my days in disappointment, as a fading memory to be lost in the stream of time. I don’t know why I was put here. I don’t understand why this punishment was meted upon me, but I am at the point of despair.

Day after day, I go through the motions of existing, each moment trying to figure out why I was put here and how can I redeem myself to be returned to the land of the living.

And then I remember, at one point, the place I was had been the Edge of Nowhere. And as the world grew, the Edge of Nowhere had its boundaries pushed out further until I was in the Middle of the Living. Therefore, it will only be a matter of time and patient endurance before this Edge of Nowhere will have its boundaries stretched and I will, once again, be in the middle of living!

I am not on the Edge of Nowhere! I am at the beginning of a New Somewhere! It is my task and duty to do my best so that when this Nowhere becomes Somewhere, I will be ready and established!

Because, this is really not a punishment. It is a preparation!



5 thoughts on “Stuck On The Edge Of Nowhere

      1. Logan and I have managed to endure and have talked at great length about our experiences. If we had not had them, we would not be able to face the future with the strength pain has brought.

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      2. I truly admire people like you two who do endure such pain. And I am sure you do have a long journey ahead, I can’t imagine. I really can’t put into words how important voices like yours are, and I really hope you will always remember that there are people out here who are thinking of you and wishing you well!

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      3. Logan reminds me every single day that we survived for a reason. Maybe it’s to help someone else who is stuck in a horrible situation. Maybe it’s just to tell our story to make others aware that bad things happen.

        Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging!


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