Adventures in Surviving


This morning I was walking to my new job, which I LOVE by the way, and when I turned the corner there was this guy that looked so much like the Grunge my heart stopped.  He looked right at me, smiled that creepy smile, and then disappeared down an alley.  I couldn’t move for I don’t know how long.  People were just passing by like I wasn’t even there (nothing new about not being noticed).

I just stood there staring at the alley thinking he had found me and that Logan lied to me when he told me the Grunge was dead.  I just stood there absolutely mortified.

A nun came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. I was so startled that I didn’t realize that I had taken a swing at her.  She may be a nun, but she was quick and athletic!  She ducked and asked me if I was okay.  I told her that I wasn’t sure so she led me into the church so we could talk in private.  She brought me a change of clothes because I had soiled myself when I saw that guy.  She said her name was Sister Thomasina and she was so nice.  We talked for a LONG time, and there was something about her that just set me at ease, so I told her the WHOLE story.  She listened, asked some questions, and when I finished talked and started sobbing, she just hugged me and let me cry!

By the time I left, I knew I would probably be fired because I was three hours late to work, but no one seemed to notice.  I will stay an extra three hours today to make up the time, but I feel such a sense of relief.  AND Sister Thomasina told me that she would teach me self-defense tactics if I wanted.

So I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been so encouraging and supportive whether we have met face to face or in the blog world.  THANK YOU!!!!



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Surviving

  1. (Sorry, I’m going to get religious for a moment) The first thing I thought when I read this was that God is most definitely aware of you, loves you and is watching over you. He sent a nun (of all people) to help you feel loved, safe and protected. I am grateful to her and her kindness in helping you! I know it may not have felt like He cared when you were being hurt by such an awful person, but unfortunately, we all have the freedom to choose. Yet, I know, in so many personal ways, that Heavenly Father is completely aware of us, knows us by name, and wants us to have joy in this life. I’m just constantly amazed at your courage in taking the steps you have taken to create a positive life for yourself. So much love sent your way! ❤

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