Just Wondering


I LOVE my job, because I get to work alone (don’t have to deal with people too often) and I get lost of time to think.  Sometimes my mind wanders in thought to things that make me curious and the answers I haven’t been able to find. And I ponder things that might seem silly to others, but I find interesting.

  • I learned that the longest word that is the same spelled forward or backward is a mathematical term: redivider.
  • Time always moves.
  • Why do Superheroes always seem to prefer spandex outfits?
  • One would think that after all these gazillions of years of evolving and changing, somewhere along the line our bodies would stop growing hair in the places we continually remove the hair from.
  • How can I learn to be less tense about everything?
  • Why are some people just horrible to others?
  • What are the purpose of mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and roaches?
  • My favorite color is turquoise.
  • Who was the person who discovered that the outer shell of a cashew was poisonous and what made them decide to try the nut inside the poisonous shell?
  • Why do I have to pee 4-6 times if I only drink a single cup of coffee?
  • Someone put a single tulip on my desk this morning before I got in.  What should I think about that?
  • Why do people always look so angry?  I watch people in their cars when I walk to work, and most of the drivers look as though they are one step away from becoming a serial killer.
  • What is the difference between being friendly with someone and being friends with someone?
  • Why are some people so judgemental?
  • Should I be concerned about what the food trucks use as “meat”?  Sometimes it tastes delicious with gruesome after effects, and sometimes not.




6 thoughts on “Just Wondering

  1. Good questions! I wonder the same about coffee haha and that tulip thing is lovely. Did you find out who left it there? The friendly question is really interesting! …maybe it’s just one of the quirks of the English language…there are so many! 🙂

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