Peaceful Place

In my session with my counselor on Friday, she asked me if I had a place where I felt peaceful and completely at ease.  I admitted that I used to find cemetery’s rather peaceful because there was no one there to bother you or try to chat you up.  But the more I thought, there is one place where I like to go walking because it’s a place where I feel free.  So she asked me if I would be willing to take her there.  I wasn’t sure about that because it’s the place where I feel most as ease mainly because no one else is there when I am there.  But I told her I would consider it.

I called her later and told her that I would share it with her but only with the understanding that this is a ONE TIME deal.  I’m not willing to give up my peaceful spot!  She agreed and Saturday Morning, I met her at her office and we walked to my peaceful place.


I love walking here and thinking.  There’s something about being among these trees that have lived through so much and remain so majestic that gives me hope and reminds me that I may be down sometimes but I’m not out!  I usually take my daypack with books, notebooks, and, if you’ll pardon the indiscretion, a roll of TP just in case.



5 thoughts on “Peaceful Place

      1. I love your new background picture. It’s stunning! Yes, I’m find of the beach myself. There is something so peaceful about the rhythm of the ocean waves and the endless vista looking out over the ocean. It’s a great place to daydream for me.


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