I love listening to music.  Especially classical music.  My favorite composer is Antonio Vivaldi.  Now I know classical music is boring as hell to most people, but I get the strangest looks when I am walking to work with my earbuds playing Vivaldi in my ears and the people driving or walking by me can only see me trying to conduct the symphony.  Rather like a stork spasming.  But that’s okay. I’m learning to be who I am instead of who I was brought up to be.

Logan teases me too, when he hears me singing along with the radio in my shower.  The acoustics in the shower are fantastic… long as one has talent for singing.  But I like singing so Logan can kiss a toad!  He told me that he was going to record me singing and use it as his new Wake Up Alarm because nothing makes him want to leave the house like me singing.

Anyway, work has been wonderful.  Being kept VERY busy working with the new computer system.  My stitches were taken out (by the doctor) and no real permanent damage other than yet another scar.  So I have been released to watch Sister Thomasina’s Self-Defense Class, but not participate for another two weeks.

We also adopted a rescue dog.  He’s SO adorable and loves to snuggle with me.  He’s part pitbull and part a lot of other breeds.  Apparently, his mother had pretty much the same life I had, so we are just mutts together.

Started a cooking class at the Adult Annex and haven’t burned anything as yet, which is a plus.  I did however undercook the rice on the first try so my Vegetable Rice with Chicken was… chewing gravel.  But progress…..yesterday, I fixed a cake that actually looked like a cake and was edible!



3 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. You make me laugh! Hey, by the way, I love classical music! Did you know that it is emotionally healing? It also helps activate the left side of your brain which controls logic. So you honestly couldn’t be listening to a better music. Keep singing honey! Logan might tease you, but I know it makes him happy to hear you happy.
    So glad you are making such amazing progress! One of these days you are not only going to wow your own socks off, but you are going to wow the socks off of many people! Hugs! 🙂

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    1. I did have a car stop and ask me if I needed Emergency Services to be notified because they thought I was having a seizure. 😀

      Logan can poke fun if he wants, but I painted his fingernails bubblegum pink while he was asleep. Would love to have been a ceiling tile when he got to work.

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