Confused I Am


I have never understood politics and don’t claim to understand it now.  I’m not a politician, but I am a human female.  And I am confused!

There was an election in the “United” States and because the winner of the election is not a politician and wants to make changes, there are lots of marches, burning, looting, destruction, defiance because the “liberals” don’t agree with the proposed changes?

I have listened to people shouting how they want Free This and Free That and Save This and Save That, as well as, Let’s not have borders rather let everyone come freely in and suckle at the taxpayer teat.  There’s so much complaining going on that I am confused.

It’s as if everyone wants to steer the boat, but no one wants to help set the sails.  What the hell is wrong with the “Offended” States of America?  Every time I hear anything calling itself “news” about the U.S. it’s because some group or another is offended and needs to go to radical extremes to make their offendedness be known.

Is this how Mohandis Gandhi changed India?  Is this how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed civil rights?  By looting, attacking, destroying? 

WOW!  You’d think adults would be able to sit down together, have a drink, and seek to fix the issues rather than create more or exacerbate the ones already present.  I thought MY life had been horrible, but these people who have this need to protest everything all the time must have absolute horrific existences.

I just don’t get it.  And honestly, don’t want to.


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