I’m Protesting


The last time I wrote anything about the U.S. election and all the protesting that followed, I was hammered with diatribes from angry people who wanted to “educate” me on U.S. politics and why they expected me to agree with their disagreement.

Well, if others are going to protest then so shall I.

I protest the following:

  1. Your “need” to berate me for pointing out anything.
  2. Those who don’t want me to enjoy my food (I like meat AND vegetables so BITE ME!)
  3. Those who believe I should be able to receive needed health treatments and charged more than any national debt.  I prefer to pay a reasonable cost.
  4. Those who believe naked is a bad thing all the time.  I’m NOT showering in my clothes, thank you VERY much!
  5. The fact that beer is not available in the Park any longer because the vendor’s permit expired.
  6. Those who think it right that I should have to actually pay for anything.
  7. The “handsy” guy on the Tube who seems to think my butt is his personal hand hold.
  8. Advertisers who believe that large bosoms are going to somehow entice me to purchase their product or service.
  9. The nasty lady who lives across the Garden fence who can’t seem to bend over without farting.
  10. Shops that play crappy music!
  11. Crappy music!
  12. The stench of fish in the “Fresh Fish” portion of the grocer.
  13. Idiots who cannot talk with each other without shouting.
  14. Laugh tracks on shows. If it’s funny, I’ll laugh without having to be told.
  15. Guys who think the “three day growth” of beard is attractive, but if I let go for three days then I’m ‘gross’.
  16. The cost of bevs at the pub.
  17. Low budget adverts with stupid writing, bad lighting, and drunken idiots pretending they’re funny.
  18. The price of a new computer.
  19. That healthy grocer items cost more than the stuff that will kill you.
  20. And finally, people who don’t like me.

There you have it for now.  So BUGGER OFF!


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