Deep Conversations


Having a rather odd feeling day today, and I’m not sure why.  Perhaps, I am feeling a bit on the self-pity side.  This morning, I stopped in to my favorite cafe for a tea and biscuit before going to work and I watched all these people chatting with one another, yet there were no deep conversations.  I don’t like merely chatting someone, it’s not that I can’t and haven’t, but I prefer to get past that shell into the deeper conversations.  Yet, it’s as if I have all these deep thoughts I want to share, but have no one, but Logan to share them with, since Sister Thomasina was sent to some Convent in some place to be the big britches boss. 

Think, if you will, for just a moment…how many times have you been asked “How are you?” and your instant response it “Fine, thank you” or some variation.  Why do we not seek deeper conversations that mere passing trivialities and shallow answers?

I want to talk about things like:

  • What is it that make big hot pretzels taste so good with beer, but not so good with tea?
  • Where did the term “shitfaced drunk” originate?
  • Why are there some people who just rub us the wrong way yet others we tolerate and others we even like and seek out?
  • Why is our society so focused on thin rather than happy?
  • Why do some find coffee to be a comforting bev while others find tea to be a comfort?
  • Why do people love pandas even though they are vicious?
  • Is hate truly worth spending your life doing?
  • What is the one thing that makes you so uncomfortable to share, but you would really like to share it anyway?

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