Run or Surrender?


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Drops of rain

Pelt my head

Soaked to the core

My soul is sore

Every cell of my heart

Screams for relief.

I slog along

The path unseen

Heading who knows where

And who gives a damn.

No warm hearth

My soul within me

Has become glacial

Frigid to the core.

My mind knows no peace

No quiet

No repose

No relief

Within my mind the Ravens scream

“Worthless you are!”

“No redemption for you!”

“Beyond love you are!”

As I trudge along

Their screams echo


And resound within me

And I believe them.

Awakening from this horrid

Waking Nightmare

Before me stand

My escape.

Pray not for me

For my soul is beyond


All the bottles

stare back at me

enticing me to empty them

down my throat

and feel no more!

To silence the cries

and screams

of the Ravens

Within me.


4 thoughts on “Run or Surrender?

  1. Thank you so much for writing this because I relate to you so deeply. I literally hear voices that nobody else can hear and they tell me to do things that I know are bad, but I feel inclinated to do them anyways unfortunately. I know you meant this in a metaphorical sense, but I relate to it in a literal sense. Hang in there xx

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    1. The condemning voices I can hear as clear as I hear the sounds of the tube or the lorry on the street. I keep hearing and being tempted to do things that I don’t want to do, but struggle to see that there are alternatives than doing what they tell me.

      Some days I feel as though I am going insane!

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      1. You are not insane because I feel the same as you. I feel like I’m going insane too, but I find it comforting when others contradict me so I’m going to contradict you and say that you’re a great person from what I can tell so far and great people are not insane, but are great because of their struggles and how they conquered them! Hang in there xx

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  2. We all hear those voices from the dark side sometimes. My own dark voices tell me the world would be better off without me. The trick is to ignore them because we know they aren’t true. It’s harder to listen to the positive voices sometimes, but there is a still, small voice that says “Timere, you are loved and beloved. You matter, you are not forgotten, you are important to me my daughter.” Cut thru all the nasty, negative voices and focus on that one instead. It is like music within just like you said. But sometimes its harder to hear when the pain and dark voices can be so loud. Sending hugs, love and do many good thoughts your way. ❤

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