I Am Haunted


The path I wander

Is haunted

I feel the icy grip

of my past

My dreams

are infested

with the sharp spearpoints

upon which I was impaled

and held, unable to escape.

I run and pretend

but in every reflection

in every shadow

in every new trail I take

My past is right behind me.

Whispering to me

as I sleep.

Reminding me

of everything that has happened.

The sweat comes,

the paralysis takes hold,

the fetid breath

fills my senses

as the ghost of my past

sits upon my chest

teasing me

accusing me

stripping away any dignity

I may have found.

Yes, my past haunts me

Like an evil banshee

screeching and screaming

laughter at my efforts

to live.

My past pulls me back

to forever stay

in that horrid

prison of torture

and misery.

Yet, I know now

the past which haunts me

with such vigor and evil intent

can no longer control me

unless I allow it!







And I refuse to allow it anymore!


3 thoughts on “I Am Haunted

    1. The Rev. I’m Not Shithead remind me that my life is not controlled by what has happened, rather by MY response to what has happened. I have determined that God will direct my life from here because I have screwed it up to this point. See? I AM learning.

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