And I Woke Up Snoring!

sleepyWe’re FINALLY back home from our adventures in Charleston, SC.  The only hiccup in our trip came when my backpack was apparently taking off on another adventure as it was not on our plane when we arrived.  I enquired with the clerk and was informed that they showed my packs ticket was in Nice, France and they would let me know the moment they managed to get it back.  I’m okay, I enough underthings to last for the rest of the week, if it takes too long I may have to just go without.

I wish I had the energy to describe all the wonderful things that we discovered and learned and ate and drank whilst in the States.  I finally learned to drink Ice Cold Beer and now have to return to the normal pub beer (learning never stops).  I actually ate this porridge looking mush they called “grits” with shrimp, cheese, butter and bacon. It was DELICIOUS!!  The crab was fresh and delightful.

The homes of the extremely wealthy, called Rainbow Row, were grand and several of the owners were quite friendly.

Over the last two weeks, Logan and I learned a LOT about ourselves and have come to accept and incorporate most of our early lives into who we are now.  That’s never an easy thing to do.  We learned that WE are in control of our lives.  No one else can control our lives unless we allow it!  That was a real breakthrough for us.  To say this venture was eye-opening would be very much an understatement!  I now know that my life has a purpose and I can’t wait to learn more to fulfill that purpose.

We arrived home this morning at 2am this morning we got home around 4 (after chasing down my luggage), and just dropped my clothes on the floor, fell into bed.  I remember getting very annoyed by the sound of snoring.  So I woke up to see if Logan had fallen asleep on the sofa again only to discover my door was closed and the snoring could only have come from me.  Given the expanse of the drool pool, the sleep was deep and hard.

Thank goodness to be home again!






2 thoughts on “And I Woke Up Snoring!

  1. Hope that you have been able to adjust to the time difference and that life is treating you well now that you are back. So glad that you both had that break. What a difference a few days can make! Hugs ❤

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    1. Still trying to adjust. I slept for 16 hours straight because I was so exhausted only to wake myself snoring and drooling. Still rather groggy today but actually managed to put clothes on to go to the market for eggs and milk. Got home, dropped the clothes and ba k to bed I went. Will try again tomorrow to actually move about coherently.

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