The Wonders Of Learning


The things I’ve learnt

These last two weeks

Could a dusty library fill

Truth be told

I’ve learnt to accept

Not all is my fault.

I’ve learnt to understand

Not all is in my control

I’ve learnt that my mind

is the best gift I’ve ever been given

I’ve learnt that it is I, alone,

Who faces the consequences of MY decisions

I’ve learnt that I am stronger

Than first I imagined.

I have learned that the past

does not hold my future

rather helps direct me.

I’ve learnt to drink

ice cold beer.

I’ve learnt to eat

this thing called “grits”

And like them.

But more than anything else

I’ve learnt, and am still learning,

That it’s okay to be me

My depression and anxiety

do not define me

and will not hold me back.

I’m the only me I can be.

And that is fine by me!


3 thoughts on “The Wonders Of Learning

    1. I am learning to kinda like me for a change. Not to sound all uppity or anything, but I think I’m rather amazing. And it’s because of caring people like you that made that realization have meaning.

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      1. You’ve overcome a huge hurdle, Timere, to be free from the shame forced on you that was never yours to start with! I’m so happy and inspired to see your healing progress!
        You ARE amazing. And I’m honoured to have you in my life ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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