And Then The Sun

mist of the dawn

As I stroll

This misty morn

My thoughts

And contemplations

Wander along

A path unseen

My thoughts

And ponderings

Are drawn to the mist

And to the path unseen

My life has not been

A journey through torment,

Hate, loathing, despair

With no way conceivable

To get away

And yet one day

I was rescued

By one who cares

By one who loves

By one who understands

My hero

As I ponder the mist



That Ah HA moment

Rises in my soul

Like the dawning sun

I know through what I came

I understand how I felt

Yet I know not exactly where

My life will lead

Yet each step I take in faith

I finally understand

This life is not about me

This life is to be invested

This life is to be used

To help others

Who are suffering

Who are in pain

Who think there’s no way out.

And then, the sun begins to clear

The mist from the path



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