When The Past Haunts


Softly they come

subdued in their voice

as they promise that all will be well.

Gentle their caress

as they enter your mind

and touch your heart

They embrace you

once again

like a lover

with whom you

were once comfortable.

Their caressing fingers

turn to talons

razor sharp

eager to draw blood

once again

Their grip is incessant

Their desire insistent

Their plan almost unstoppable.

The phantoms

of the past

know just where to touch

to draw you back

into the hell of the abyss

that once was daily life.

Far too long

these voices have coaxed

pleaded, insisted, begged,

and even demanded

that I return with them

to relive…to re-endure

Sweat pours from every pore

my body wracked with

the past horrors

the past lusts

the past pains

the past…

What am I to do

When the past beckons

refusing to be denied?


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