Empower My Ass!


I was invited to attend what I was told would be a social gathering and discussion group.  Since I am trying to come out of my shell a bit more, I accepted the invitation.  The social gathering was pretty interesting as there were quite a number of people from several walks of life.  The finger foods were quite tasty and I discovered the foods were specific to represented ethnic diversity of the group.

I rather enjoyed the chat time.  I’m not much on small talk and am a painfully deep introvert, but I took the daring step to engage in the small talk conversations.  The groups were friendly toward me and seemed to accept me even though I am a confessed weirdo and nerdy geek with an horrific life, for the most part.  If I am completely honest, people scare the crap out of me (long story that. read previous entries for further background).

All was going well until the facilitator of the discussion opened her mouth.  She started out telling the group that the only way to bring down the power of the overseers is to become empowered.  She then went on to talk (ever louder) about how women, and people “of colour” have been kept down and that had to change through becoming empowered.  Her rants continued with Empowerment this and empowerment that and this race is to be hated and brought down.

When the “discussion” ended, I was SO happy to be out of that sewer of hate!  I am a mixed ethnicity person my sperm donor “father” who tortured me for YEARS was Asian and my drunken lump of a “mother” was Hispanic.  My skin is rather dark as is my hair, my eyes are almond shaped and deep brown.  So I guess one could plop me in the bag of “minorities” but as for hating others simply because of the pigmentation of their skin?  Hating people because WE didn’t make the most of the opportunities we had?

What I got out of that discussion was the facilitator’s desire to get the group to hate THEMSELVES so much that they blame and hate others.  This group, while outwardly appearing to be friendly and accepting, is nothing more than just another hate group.  If you hate, for whatever reason, you are just another hater!

If you want respect, be respectable!  If you want to be accepted, be accepting!  If you want opportunities….open your eyes and look around.  Sometimes the opportunities mean going against the opinions of those who are nothing but hatred personified!



2 thoughts on “Empower My Ass!

  1. This is really interesting Timere.
    Firstly, though, I am so impressed that you went so far out of your comfort zone. If anyone should talk about “empowerment”, maybe you should be doing that Love. 🙂
    This is also a really interesting observation, “What I got out of that discussion was the facilitator’s desire to get the group to hate THEMSELVES so much that they blame and hate others.” Did you have a chance to talk to anyone else there about that particular thought you had?

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    1. I was pretty proud of myself for taking that step and scared shitless at the same time. After the discussion, I left. The person who invited called later all excited by the peptalk of hate and asked me what I thought. SO I, being the eloquent and most ladylike conversationalist, told her I thought the speaker was full of the juices of rotten prunes and the hate that was farted from her lips was NOT something I would wish upon anyone. I went on to ask her why they didn’t discuss something productive, such as caring and love and compassion and making sure we are exactly what we expect from others.

      She hung up and blocked my number.


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