Why Live Under “What If”?


I’ve been many things in my life, thus far:

·       A Thinker

·       A Dreamer

·       Inquisitive

·       Bashful

·       Hurt

·       Abused

·       Happy

·       Sad

·       And all the other of Snow White’s Dwarves.

Of late, I have pondered one phrase which seems to have dominated my mental fuel…What If?  Consider how our lives are controlled by those two words!  How many times have we wanted to do something or say something but we were stopped dead in our tracks by the notion of “What if”?  What if I say the wrong thing and they hate me afterward?  What if I say something stupid and they laugh at me?  What if I do something boneheaded and have to move to the desert of the Antarctic?  What if I say or do something that just makes the situation worse?  You get where I’m going with this.

We are so controlled by these two simple words!

I’m a self-confessed dreamer and wondered what it would be like to be a pirate (especially if I actually had boobs).  What would that be like?  Not only that, but I have wondered what if my parents had actually be nice instead of being the trolls found under beds in children’s nightmares that never end?  What if my life had been different?  What if…..what if…..what if?

I had an AHM this weekend.  What’s AHM?  “Ah Ha Moment.”  Every event in my life has a purpose and a reason AND can be used to bring comfort to someone else.  Everything that I learn and do is no longer going to be controlled by “What If” rather it’s going to be controlled “Why Not?”

My sperm donor “father” must have been the reincarnation of the Marquis de Sade while my besotted “mother” was just pickled.  Yet I have learned from having to deal with them that people can be extremely cruel, but instead of asking “what if” I can now use what I have learned from them and the events that has pushed me thus far and say “Why Not” help someone else!

Think about it: “What If” we stopped being afraid to help?  “What If” we stopped being mortified to reach out and care?

I still want to be a chesty pirate with a parrot!  On second thought….I rather like being able to see my feet.


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